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From the 1920's through the 1950's, a woman named Charlie Mary Noble taught math at Paschal High School, celestial navigation to US Navy pilots during WWII at TCU, and astronomy to children at the Fort Worth Children's Museum (now the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.) She built a dome and basic planetarium in her backyard and showed the marvels of the night sky to countless young people in Fort Worth. Today, the museum's planetarium is named in her honor. In 1947 she formed the Junior Astronomy Club, one of the first amateur astronomy clubs in the United States. So many parents came with their children to these meetings, that in 1949 an adult society was organized and the Fort Worth Astronomical Society (FWAS) was born. This members-only E-Group compliments the FWAS website at FY2023 June,2022 - May,2023 ------------------------------- President: Robert Sirkis Vice President: (not currently filled; this could be your name!) Secretary:  Monica Merritt Treasurer: John Giromini Board of Directors: FY2023 - 2024 Zach Smith, Bill Hall FY2022 - 2023 Robert Cargill (FY2023 only), Phil Stage Outreach Chairman: Outreach Coordinators: Patrick McMahon ALCor: John Giromini Young Astronomer Facilitators: Noble Planetarium Liaison: Newsletter Editor-'Prime Focus': George C. Lutch Information Officer: Website/Social Media Administrator: Shawn Kirchdorfer
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